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Lazy Weekend: Coffee, Walks, & Waffles!

Happy Pre-Friday friends! This is my last slow week at work before all the students arrive. I've done all I can to prep: the house is clean and organized, I'll be meal prepping this weekend, and I did some pampering with a mani-pedi. Now we wait... I spent this past weekend doing some last minute… Continue reading Lazy Weekend: Coffee, Walks, & Waffles!

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Yummy Eats: Mini Frittatas & Low-cal GF Cupcakes

I was busy this weekend cooking for the BBQ on Monday, but also for the week ahead. I'm a big fan of Rachel Ray Everyday  and Eating Well magazines. Both came in the mail and I sat down with my coffee to find some inspiration. After picking up some veggies from the store, I settled on making… Continue reading Yummy Eats: Mini Frittatas & Low-cal GF Cupcakes

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Friday Gratitude

It's still so warm here. Today it is supposed to get up to 95 degrees Definitely not fall like weather, but it's been a long week, and some sunshine is ok with me. This morning I headed to Central Market to grab a coffee and something for breakfast before work. If you don't live in Texas,… Continue reading Friday Gratitude

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Gluten Free Cheerios are here!

Have you all found them yet? They just popped up in stores in the Dallas area and I couldn't be more excited. Since going gluten free, I haven't really relied on cereal for breakfast as there just were not enough gluten free options that were both nutritious, and that tasted good. For a while I… Continue reading Gluten Free Cheerios are here!

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Baked Banana Maple Oatmeal with Cherries

Caramelized bananas, cherries, healthy oats and flax-seed... what's not to love? My goal with breakfast is that is will be hearty enough to last me until lunch, yet healthy and easy to make. This recipe does it all! I've adapted the original recipe from fellow blogger Kath Eats to make it gluten-free and to give it a little more staying power.