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Guess Who Just Joined Tone It Up?!?

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m usually not so excited about the start of a new work week, but there are exciting things happening this week. I will have my final meetings with students, who start finals next week, I get to look forward to a weekend with nothing planned, and best of all, I’ve just started a new 8 week slim down exercise and nutrition plan.

Have you heard of Tone It Up?!?


The company was founded by two women, Karena and Katrina. They both moved to southern California from the Mid-West, met up, and bonded over their shared love of fitness and health. They have a ton of free workouts and some recipes on their website that anyone can check out, however, to get all of the perks, you will need to become a Tone It Up Member.


I finally caved in and bought a membership, and I was not disappointed! Right now they just started their Bikini Series Program. This is an eight week program to get you in the best shape ever before summer. I purchased the bundle above which came with their nutrition plan, exercise plan, recipe guide, lunch pack, journal, backpack, socks, a beach towel, and beach ball.

I am loving everything so far. I’m using the lunch pack today, which has a separate bottom compartment for Tupperware, and the socks are super soft and cushy.


The best part is the Beach Babe Journal. It has space to include before and after photos, before and after measurements, space to lay out your daily meal plans and what workouts you should do each day.


Tone It Up has had a ton of success stories from women who used the nutrition guide and workouts. One of their top tips is to meal prep on Sunday’s so that there is no excuse not to eat healthy during the week. I headed to the store to pick up a ton of fresh produce.


I made a giant (serious giant), kale salad for lunches this week. It has chopped bell pepper and red onion and I will be adding grilled chicken as well.

I also chopped a bunch of veggies and portioned out containers of hummus for snacks. The goal is to have 5 meals a day instead of three bigger ones. I will also be thinking strategically about when I eat carbs, sugar, and protein.

This morning, Peanut and I headed out for a nice morning walk, and then I did the 5 workout moves listed on the Tone It Up website. After work, I will be rocking out to the first work out video of the eight week program. I’m sure it’s going to kick my butt!

If you are looking for some extra help or motivation before summer, this is definitely a plan to check out! I’ll keep you all posted on my progress and how it’s going.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy week!



3 thoughts on “Guess Who Just Joined Tone It Up?!?”

  1. I’ve never heard of this program before but it sounds great! Can’t wait for the updates! That salad looks delish and huge.


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