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Weekend Recap: Baseball, Cleaning, & Snap Kitchen!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

I took it easy this weekend, spent a lot of time at home relaxing, and did some serious deep cleaning!


On Friday night, Nick and I headed to the Ranger’s game. We usually try to go to at least once a season. They are so fun, and I might have indulged in some cheese fries! They were just so so good. Even though it felt like 100+ degrees outside, it was great to get out, and was a nice distraction from everything that had happened in the news here the day before.


We had stayed up late Thursday night watching the news of the gunman who shot Dallas police at what was otherwise a peaceful protest. It’s been a rough week here in the Dallas, but I can see that this tragedy is bringing people together for positive change.

We didn’t get home from the game on Friday until pretty late, so we had a lazy start to our Saturday. Peanut and I headed out for a long walk. He had so much pent up energy!

After getting our big grocery shop out of the way, I decided to stop by Snap Kitchen to try it out. I had been wanting to try their meals ever since they opened one near our house. The concept is similar to My Fit Foods. It’s pre-portioned, freshly made meals that you take to go. Everything they had was gluten free which is just amazing. I tried the Crispy Chicken first. It was almond crusted chicken breast served with kale pesto carrots. It was actually super filling and was really delicious. I was pleasantly surprised since I wasn’t a fan of the My Fit Food meals.


I also tried the flatbread. It had a cauliflower crust with tomatoes, garlic, and just a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. It was pretty good. The crust didn’t taste bad, I just didn’t like that I had to eat it with a knife and fork. I will definitely try out more meals here! The portion sizes are perfect and make it easy to stay on track when you are short on time.

Saturday afternoon and into Sunday, I did another thorough cleaning out of my closet. Summer is the perfect time to go through clothes, makeup, etc. and throw out what you no longer need or use. I bagged up three full bags of clothing to donate! It feels great in the morning to walk into a clean space and and be able to easily pick out something to wear. Next up: makeup and the pantry in the kitchen! I plan to start the fall organized and ready to go! *You like my owl painting that I did at one of those drink and paint classes? Yea, I hide it in my closet so no one else has to look at it.

…..and on Sundays we meal prep. This has definitely become a weekly ritual for me. I get up early, take Peanut on walk, make some coffee, and then start cooking. Usually I wash and chop veggies, make salads for lunches, bake protein muffins or pancakes, and portion out snacks. It has been a lifesaver during the week and keeps me from grabbing fast food.

Nick has started to join in and will smoke or grill a bunch of chicken breasts for the week for us. The Sunday we were feeling festive and decided to pop a bottle of champagne we had just sitting in the fridge. I definitely recommend this method for Sunday meal prep =).

More recipes coming up this week so stay tuned!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and peaceful week ahead.


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