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Hello Blog? It’s Me, Ashley.

Three months ago. That was the last time I blogged. Before that, 2017 blogging was sporadic at best. It was a rough year of change for me. I quit my job, started a new one, moved to a new city, lost my grandmother, and struggled to find routine. But it was also a year filled… Continue reading Hello Blog? It’s Me, Ashley.

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Spring State of Mind

There's something about the weather getting warmer, and the days getting longer, that always gives me a sense of renewal. For me, spring means a time to organize, clean, renew my commitment to healthy eating and fitness, and reassess my goals for the year. Cleaning up the house... A week ago, I made a HUGE spring… Continue reading Spring State of Mind


Blogs I’m Loving… on Bloglovin

I'm just discovering the awesomeness that is Bloglovin, so I've decided to start a new segment on Ashley Anchored! Each month, I plan to highlight one blog that inspires me and helps me refocus on my goals. For July, I wanted to highlight a blogger that I've been following long before Bloglovin. Every now and then,… Continue reading Blogs I’m Loving… on Bloglovin