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Hello Blog? It’s Me, Ashley.

Three months ago. That was the last time I blogged. Before that, 2017 blogging was sporadic at best. It was a rough year of change for me. I quit my job, started a new one, moved to a new city, lost my grandmother, and struggled to find routine. But it was also a year filled… Continue reading Hello Blog? It’s Me, Ashley.

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Gluten Free Travels: Vegas 2017!

Happy almost Independence Day! My life has been a whirlwind of crazy over the last two months. In a few weeks I'll be living in a new city, with a new house, and a new job. So much change! More on that later. First, I wanted to share all about my recent trip to Vegas… Continue reading Gluten Free Travels: Vegas 2017!

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Spring State of Mind

There's something about the weather getting warmer, and the days getting longer, that always gives me a sense of renewal. For me, spring means a time to organize, clean, renew my commitment to healthy eating and fitness, and reassess my goals for the year. Cleaning up the house... A week ago, I made a HUGE spring… Continue reading Spring State of Mind

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Halloween Traditions!

Happy November Everyone! This year is flying by. I can't believe Halloween has come and gone. October was definitely the a month that disappeared quickly. Before diving in to holiday prep and recipes, I wanted to recap all about my Halloween traditions. Mondays are rough. Coffee makes it so much better! I started my day… Continue reading Halloween Traditions!

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ashleyanchored was nominated for a Liebster Award!

Hey Everyone! A big thanks to the butter side down life.  She nominated Ashley Anchored for the Liebster Award! The butter side down life is all about working out, eating well, and the daily struggles with living with hyperthyroidism. Check her out! This award is for new bloggers who don’t have tons of hundreds of followers. It’s… Continue reading ashleyanchored was nominated for a Liebster Award!